About ELP

All About ELP

What is ELP?

Discover what a career in ELP looks like.

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Department Overview

Each individual's path in ELP is unique, but common components always exist.

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A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what an ELP engineer might do on any given day?

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ELP Culture

We have a fun upbeat unique culture that promotes innovation and inspires excellence.

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ELP Teams

Automated Test

We are the best of the best at RF and STS.

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Real-Time Test

Real-Time PXI? No problem! Get the best of both worlds supporting Test and Controls.

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When you join the ELP floor, you start off support in Core.

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Customer Education

Teaching our customers how to use our products is part of the job description for ELP engineers.

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Regional Events

Traveling and raising awareness of National Instruments' software and hardware platforms is part of the responsibilities of ELP engineers.

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Career Paths


Our sales team gets the opportunity to directly help our customers find and be successful with their NI products.

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Marketing aligns our customer's application needs with NI products by interacting directly with clients.

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NI works with many industry-leading companies and organizations. Our Systems Engineering and Applications Engineering Specialists lead large projects for these companies to make sure they are successful.

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Like any tech company, our new products come directly from our R&D department. R&D allows you to gain expertise in cutting-edge technology while working on new and exciting products.

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